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Headaches - How Chiropractic Can Help

This section answers some common questions people have about chiropractic and headaches. After low back pain and neck pain, headaches are the third most common reason people seek help from chiropractors. Please feel free to ask questions in the blog below or you can call the clinic if you have further questions about your headache problem.

What types of headaches do chiropractors treat?

This study found those with headache who seek help from Australian chiropractors often have recurrent headaches such as migraine, tension headache and neck (cervicogenic) headache. It also found that those who seek help from chiropractors for headache management often have increased headache severity and chronic headaches.

Craig Moore et al 2020, 'The features and burden of headaches within a chiropractic clinical population: A cross-sectional analysis', published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine

How do chiropractors help those with migraines and other headaches?

This study found that Australian chiropractors use a broad approach to headache patient care, including hands-on treatment methods such as manipulation and massage, as well of providing lifestyle advice, helping with stress and educating patients about headache triggers.

Craig Moore et al 2018, 'The management of common recurrent headaches by chiropractors: a descriptive analysis of a nationally representative survey', published in the journal BMC Neurology

Is the treatment provided by chiropractors helpful for headaches?

This study found that a common treatment method used by chiropractors (spinal manipulation) appears to be more effective than other hands-on treatment options and provides better, short‐term effects for reducing the pain, frequency and disability related to neck (cervicogenic) headaches.

Matthew Fernandez, Craig Moore et al 2020, 'Spinal manipulation for the management of cervicogenic headache: a systematic review and meta-analysis', published in the European Journal of Pain.

How do I know if chiropractors can help my headaches?

The initial consultation will involve a thorough history and examination to confirm your headache type. Any recommendations are made after a further discussion about the current research evidence for your headache type.

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